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The JACAL Virtual Cabinet® Document Portal is a cloud-based document portal with a difference. Fully integrated with our Virtual Cabinet® Document Management System, the Virtual Cabinet® Document Portal allows us to publish and send documents to clients in a simple, secure and audited manner. The Virtual Cabinet® Document Portal delivers an easy to use, comprehensive and elegant mechanism by which we can significantly improve customer service and retain far greater control and visibility over the life-cycle of the documents. This document is a simple guide to accessing, viewing and signing documents sent via the Portal.


To access the portal, click on the following link:

JACAL Portal


To access a user guide to help get setup to use the portal, click on the following link:

JACAL Portal Client User Guide


Watch a quick video showing clients how to upload large files to JACAL:

Client How-To: Send JACAL large files via the Portal


For information on the security behind the JACAL Portal, click on the following link:

JACAL Portal Security