Chartered Accountants, Ponsonby, Auckland, Johnston Associates, New Zealand | JACAL WEBINAR SERIES – Covid-19: It’s Business Time
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Covid-19: It’s Business Time

11am Tuesday 12th May 2020
Logan Granger & Mark Davies

Join Mark Davies and Logan Granger, who are going to give you the thick end of the wedge, and turndown the background noise on Covid-19 Business Issues as they affect you and your business!

You will come away from this webinar with a number of key useful action points you can deal with right now!

We cover the multiple sources and locations of assistance and how to stay on top of developments including filtering your source of trusted advice.

We cover;

  • Wage Subsidies, the where to from here and what you need to know and do this week to wrap up best practice on this
  • Bank and Government loans Schemes, we will advise what you need to consider, and plan for prior to taking on any debt
  • NZTE Grant sources to help pay for Professional Advice via the Regional Business Partner Network, we will tell you what’s available where and when and what to you need to do to access them
  • 2020 Budget Day – Thursday 14 May, we gave an advance brief on this and outline how you should plan pre and post budget

We overlay Taxation advice throughout the topics, and give you some key considerations to take into account before rushing into action.

The facilitator for this event was John Maybury.

The presenters:

logan_grangerLogan Granger

mark_daviesMark Davies
Director of Tax