Our rates vary based on team members role, qualifications, experience and the nature of the engagement.

Our team members start as juniors and work their way through intermediate and finally senior levels over a number of years.

Our Managers and Partners generally bring 20-30+ years of experience to the table.

We understand clients do not like receiving large unexpected or unexplained bills from their accountant


We can perform the assignment on an hourly rate basis and estimate the time any work will take and therefore the cost to you. If you would like an estimate before any work is started simply ask. Note an estimate is just that, it should not be taken as a fixed price. We will inform you as soon as possible if any major variance is likely to result.

We will allocate your work to the team member with the skill level appropriate to the work required, in order to ensure that our fee charged is  appropriate for the complexity of the assignment undertaken.

We invoice any work when it is completed or at the end of every month so that large invoices do not accumulate.  Unless different terms are negotiated in advance payment is due within 14 days of an invoice being issued.

Our invoices are fully narrated, so that a complete explanation of the assignment or work undertaken on your behalf is communicated.

By prior negotiation and criteria acceptable to both the client and Johnston Associates we may be willing to perform certain assignments for a fixed fee. The assignment and the fee for the work must be agreed in writing prior to the work being started.  A deposit for sixty percent of the negotiated fee must be paid before the work is started, with the balance being paid on completion.